4/4 School of Music, Brooklyn

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4/4 School of Music

4/4 School of Music

Children ages five to seven usually start on piano/keyboard, sometimes mixed with fun sing-a-long songs to keep them excited about learning music.

Kids can also take drum lessons or violin lessons but these instruments take more discipline to learn at such an early age. At seven years of age guitar lessons are most popular. At ten years of age students can take singing lessons and really start to make good progress with their voice.

Teens really like to ROCK! Most teens start taking guitar lessons, singing lessons, drum lessons or bass lessons.

Those are fantastic instruments to learn because they can start or join a band and play almost any music style from rock and pop to blues, country and more! You can enjoy playing these instruments on your own or with others until you are well into your 90's and beyond!

Events for 4/4 School of Music:

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  • Music lessons

  • Address

    22922 15th Ave.
    Brooklyn New York, 11226


    (425) 485-8310

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