5 Benefits of Learning Music for Children

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5 Benefits of Learning Music for Children

Created by the 07/04/2013
Music is one of the most popular extra-curricular activities for children. A toddler always wants to try out playing the piano, strumming the guitar or beating the drums. If your children show curiosity in music, let them do it and support them. Here are the top 5 benefits of learning music for children.

Top 5: Teaches them Patience

Music is very hard to learn. Music notes are something to be learned, memorized and mastered. Techniques and pieces are hard to perfect. If your child is not patient, then for sure, music will teach him how to be. Anyone who has mastered an instrument is guaranteed to be a patient individual.

Top 4: Improved Memory

Musicians are often performing without any notes to look at. In fact, most of the time, they just do it impromptu. Researchers were able to prove that music is able to improve a child’s memory because of the many ways that music stimulates brain development.

Top 3: Social Wellness

It is very important for children to develop a sense of social wellness. This means that they should be able to join a group of other children and improve because of the same interests. Friendships must be developed as well. Moreover, music will help them easier in finding a group to blend in with.

Top 2: Higher Level of Self – Confidence

Children become more confident and develop a higher sense of self-worth because they know they are good at something. As compared to children who have not developed any kind of skill, talent or whatsoever. In addition to this, since they know they were able to learn music, they also know that they can learn just about anything as well, that there are no limits to what they can do.

Top 1: They Steer Clear from Bad Vices

The youth today are exposed to so many bad ideas such as violence, pornography, drugs and the like. This is partly because of the easy access to such information because of the internet, television and other kinds of media. If your child is focused on an activity such as music, they will have no time for peer pressure and such life damaging activities.

It’s very easy to get your children involved in music. While they are still young, expose them to toys such as musical instruments. As they learn to use it, they will become more curious to learn it. You can enroll them in music classes during the summer and they can continue during weekends when school starts. If everything works out, then it would be a smart investment to buy them their own musical instrument. Don’t forget to show up on every recital and shower them with support!


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