Top 5 Sites to See in New York

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Top 5 Sites to See in New York

Created by the 07/03/2013
New York is one of the top destinations in the world. Too famous and upgraded that you won’t have any idea on how to spend your time there anymore. If you are in New York, here are the top 5 sites you must see to make your stay at the big apple worth remembering!

Top 5: Empire State Building

This has got to be one of the most famous landmarks in New York. From atop this tall building, you will be able to see the beautiful view of New York and its surrounding areas. Expect a long line so it’s best you purchase your ticket in advance.

Top 4: Grand Central Terminal

This is a land mark that has been present since 1913. Originally a hub for transportation, it has now become one of the finest tourist spots for visitors. There are now shops and dining areas open and, of course, tourists guides for free!

Top 3: Statue of Liberty

This statue is the sign of friendship between France and the USA. To many Americans, it is a symbol of freedom but to many tourists, it is a sign that you have experience New York indeed! There are improvements being made and you can also visit the Ellis Island just around the corner.

Top 2: The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)

This breath-taking museum dates back to 1929 and is ironically the home of modern art collections. It has a very interesting display on everything contemporary that even kids will love it. This is a perfect field trip spot for schools as well.

Top 1: Rockefeller Center

Have you ever heard of the Radio City Music Hall? How about the Top of the Rock Observation Desk? Have you seen the famous ice skating rink in New York filmed movies? These can all be found in one place, the Rockefeller center! You and the whole family can spend a whole day here. There are numerous dining and shopping areas around as well.


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