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It was a day in 1987, and Susan Schindler was searching for a location to house a nightclub she planned on opening in the South-of-Market neighborhood of San Francisco. As she describes it:
I was having a beer with the guy named Don who owned a store called the Balloon Lady on Howard Street between 8th and 9th. He - and the store - are no longer with us.

Don had invited me for a beer at a building on 9th and Howard which housed a bar which the locals called 'lipps' because it had a big neon sign that spelled 'Phillips' but the 'Phil' had burned out years ago and all that was still lit on the old sign was 'lipps'. The building has since become the nightclub AsiaSF.

Don wanted me to consider taking over the building for my intended nightclub location. It was a derelict bar, and he wanted to improve the neighborhood near his store.

In the course of conversation, out of the blue, Don said, "You know I love this space, but every time I look at that wall (it was the southern wall behind the bar), all I ever see is a line of washers and dryers."

"Why?" I asked, in response to what could only be considered a bizarre comment at best.

He replied, "Because there is no laundromat south of Market, and people are always coming into the store asking where they can go to wash their clothes."

"Are you kidding?" I asked. "There's no laundromat South of Market? Where do you send them?"

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know - sometimes the Mission, sometimes the Tenderloin. Depends."

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  • Musical comedy

  • Address

    1122 Folsom St
    San Francisco California, 94101


    (415) 861-3663

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