Tarsal Coalition Surgery, New York

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Tarsal Coalition Surgery

Tarsal Coalition Surgery

A Tarsal Coalition Surgery is generally an an inherited genetic condition. Tarsal coalition has been identified in the fetus, indicating the congential nature of the condition. It is most commonly first identified in teen-age children. Sometimes, tarsal coalitions may be due to injury where the bones become damaged and grow together. In rare cases, it may be associated with systemic arthritic conditions.

Not all Tarsal Coalition Surgery are painful and symptomatic. Because the tarsal coalition treatment locks the bones together and restricts normal motion, the foot may adapt over time and symptoms may subside. It is important to understand, that as long as the tarsal coalition remains it is impossible for the rearfoot to move. Tarsal coalition can also lead to arthritis and other structural derangement of the foot and ankle due to abnormal biomechanics.

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  • Address

    120 E 56th St., 8th Floor
    New York New York, 10022

    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm



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